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at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut last month the nra said to place a good guy with a gun -- >> some of those at fort ord. >> stephanie: right. also columbine. she says i recently visited some latin-american countries that mesh with the nra's vision where guards with guns grace every lobby, storefront, atm and restaurant and gas station. has not made the countries saner or better. guatemala, honduras, venezuela have some of the highest homicide rates in the world. >> what a coincidence. >> stephanie: oh no. you mean wayne lapierrre could be wrong about something? a society that is relying on guys with guns to stop violence is a sign of a society where institutions have broken down said an expert, it is shocking to hear anyone in the united states considering a solution mald make it seem more like colombia. somalia. perfect. as guns proliferate legally and illegally, people seem more terrorized in guatemala. riding a public bus is a risky business. more than 500 bus drivers have been killed in robberies since 2007 which tracks organized crime in the americas to c
it but this is what happens when stuff fades, when you forget the horror of sandy hook and you just -- when you start to hear details of this kind of stuff it brings it all home again. that's why we cannot let this fade. you talk about mental health being an issue, how about the mental health issues the policemen are going to have that had to go into sandy hook first or the aurora theatre. colorado police officers testifying about what they found. that's the thing is they think oh, well don't talk about that stuff. it is politicizing it. it is not politicizing it. it is what is the reality of this? and you look at that guy. you're like how did that guy jared loughner, how did that guy get a gun? that's all of the background check you need. just look at him! anyway -- >> you're discriminating against the criminally crazy. >> stephanie: i apologize -- i debated whether i should read some of it but it is on the paper and i'm sure a lot of people heard it and heard the testimony but this is the reality we're talking about. you remember that was the first thing we said, chris about sandy hook, imagine wha
to be paul ryan is not a serious person because he voted against of course sandy relief right? he voted to keep people sleeping in their mini vans, because that's for the good of the country and for their own good and of course you said the zombie eyed had it and made sure his constituents knew where to find the sweet government checks. >> yeah, if there was only some kind of device where you can go back and check what they said before. >> stephanie: yes, and you said and people wondered why joe biden kept laughing at him. >> that may be my favorite part of the presidentsal campaign. because it's amazing to me that joe biden doesn't drink. because he has the perfect barroom personality. he looks like he spent his entire life arguing things in barrooms, and it's enormously likable. >> stephanie: it really is. >> so what is the story in washington. your show? >> stephanie: january 19th inauguration weekend. >> oh i will be there and so will my wife. >> stephanie: excellent. love you charlie pierce. >> see you later. [ applause ] >> stephanie: we'll be right back on th
the picture of the president when he first heard about what happened at sandy hook. some of the details, it's the reality of stuff -- there was another detail i heard from the aurora shooting that the 911 dispatcher couldn't hear because there were so many gunshots. bill clinton yesterday. >> i grew up in a hunting culture, but this is nuts. >> stephanie: he says why does anyone need a 30-round clip for a gun. half of all of the mass killings in the u.s. have occurred since the assault weapon ban expired. half in all of the history of the country. so i hope gabby giffords and other people who stepped up after the newtown tragedy. half of all mass killings in the u.s. have occurred since the assault weapons ban expired. how do you explain that. >> feral elves. >> stephanie: yes, feral pigs clearly. the nra president yesterday after the meeting. >> the administration was able to check the box and say they talked to the representativives of firearm owners, and now they wanted to proceed with what they wanted to do. >> great. >> stephanie: anything they are talking about has
. >> stephanie: and can you imagine the officers that responded at sandy hook. and again not to sensationalize but i don't think it takes much for us to recognize what a you said earlier what a six year old looks like when they have been shot multiple times at close range with an assault weapon. >> that's right. but these parents -- that community will never ever be the same, and, you know, it -- it shows that if it can happen in newtown it can happen really literally anywhere. >> stephanie: right. and i think -- i like the administration's approach. they are looking at all parts of it. even as a liberal i think everything should be on the table. mental health, violent video games, it all was part of the mix in newtown, right? >> right. and it has to be comprehensive in every area that makes sense to do. but there is an absolutist kind of element to the gun violence debate that we have really got to get past and that's why when the vice president is inviting nra and gun groups to sit at the table, that makes sense, because this is not an assault on the second amendment, and
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5